hahahaha omg im dying

hahahaha omg im dying

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allylish said: hey I was wondering if you could post some quick and easy packed lunch ideas? ty!!


I often make wraps with salad, hummus, avocado & veggie burgers.

I also buy microwaveable brown rice and then mix it with corn, beans, vegan pesto etc. 

Another favourite is cous cous (cause you just add boiling water) with cucumber, tomato, vegan cheese, spring onions.. 

You could take a mason jar to work/school with a veggie stock cube, rice noodles, coriander, chilli etc and then just add boiling water to make a noodle soup.

Mashed chickpea sandwiches are great too! Or just a salad! 

Also, you could try and make extra food at dinner so you can have the leftovers for lunch.

Anna Christie (1930)

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